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Playing it Loud

Filed under: band or disco,music,noise levels,special occasions — Tags: , , , — James @ 7:57 pm on the April 27, 2017

We at Doncaster Disco Hire take our job very seriously so when you book your Wedding, Birthday or Special Occasion you can be rest assured you will be getting the best professional service in South Yorkshire. However there is one aspect of our service that many of customers tend to forget, Noise Exposure.
After years of experience and literally Thousands of parties we understand that some people love the music to be loud in-fact the louder the better, this is not the best way to listen to your music. Doncaster Disco Hire have state of the art speakers (with amplifiers built in) mixers and DJing programs for the computers so all the music is sent out exactly how it should sound.
At the beginning of your special night one of the DJ’s will take a reading with a sound reader, making sure that every tune can be heard loudly without damaging your eardrums.
Doncaster Disco Hire work with Health and Safety Executive to make sure no one goes away with damaged ears, the table below gives a maximum level for ALL staff and party goers at any pary

Occupation dB
Bar staff 89 – 99
Glass collectors 90 – 100
Waiters 102
DJs 93 – 99
Lighting technician 104
Security 97
Door 84
Dance floor 94 – 104
We at Doncaster Disco Hire wish all our clients to have the time of their lives so if you feel the music is too loud, or you have sore ears please take time out and have a rest at the back of the room where the music is quietest, however if you feel that the music is too loud even at the back then please speak to the DJ who will endeavour to reduce the music level.

Choosing The Right Disco

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Every Year we will celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries Christmas and New Year as well as other various special occasions such as Weddings and Christenings and for some this is a great time to organise a party. The definition of the word party is ‘Party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing,conversation or a special occasion . The party will often feature food, drinks and have music and dancing‘.
We at Doncaster Disco Hire are passionate about all aspects of the music part of your party, all our music is downloaded from reputable DJ music sites so from every paid download a percentage of the money goes to help the musicians. So there is no fear that someone will come and confiscate our music on your special day, unlike some less reputable DJ company’s. So whether it’s 50s 60’s, Country, Ska or modern day music you can be confident that our music will keep your guests dancing the whole night.
Here at Doncaster Disco Hire we pride ourselves in helping our clients with all aspects of their party, for example do you know that you are under no obligation to hire the resident DJ from your desired venue it’s always best to shop around and find a DJ that you are happy with.
Doncaster Disco Hire always help our clients from the first meeting, we can assist with the choosing of music for your big day. If you are getting married we can assist with background music and lighting during your Wedding Breakfast and to make sure your speeches are heard by everyone we can also supply wireless microphones so no matter how funny of serious your everyone will hear you. Doncaster Disco Hire have hosted thousands of parties including hundreds of Weddings so we can assist with timings for the fist dance, cake cutting and even the what time to have yours evening buffet.
When considering what DJ company to choose for your big day it’s always good to make sure they hold a valid Liability Insurance Certificate and that their equipment is PAT tested as most places will require this for their own insurance. Doncaster Disco Hire liability Insurance is or £5 million and all our equipment is PAT tested annually.
Don’t regret choosing the wrong entertainment for your BIG day.

The Dark Side to Christmas

Filed under: Christmas Parties,special occasions — James @ 8:37 pm on the December 8, 2013

Doncaster Disco Hire understand tis the season to be jolly, however this can mean different things to different people, we all love the Christmas Party season as it gives many of us the chance to ‘let our hair down‘ and head out all dressed up and enjoy ourselves. However there is a darker side to Christmas as each year there is a rise in reported sex attacks on men as well women due to the large volumes of alcohol/drugs consumed in just a short time.
We know through experience that many parties last around 4-5 hours in premisses that have been hired out for their special event, however there and just as many that will be hosted in the local pub or disco where the Christmas party spirits will continue well into the small hours.
As the drink flow the atmosphere will become more relaxed and some people will find the courage to chat to other employees/people which in many cases is a good thing however there are some people that may read these situations wrongly and react in an inappropriate manner.
We at Doncaster Disco Hire don’t want to sound like party poopers we just want everyone to have Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year so if you are out this festive period try not to be caught up on the following:

  • Suggestive comments
  • Unwelcome enquiries into a person’s private life
  • sexual propositions

This festive period enjoy your night out and stay safe.

Christmas Tunes

Filed under: band or disco,Christmas Parties,music,opinion — James @ 5:33 pm on the December 6, 2013

Take a stroll down any street in Doncaster and you will find a Christmas Tree glistening in the front lounge of many homes, turn on the radio and you are guaranteed to hear at least one Christmas tune being played to all the listeners. For many, Christmas is approaching faster than they would like which can only mean one thing ‘Last Minute Shopping‘. Eager shoppers dashing in and out of shops looking for the perfect gift for their children, parents or loved ones.
Here at Doncaster Disco Hire don’t panic or rush around we just love to party with all our friends and show off all our musical expertise at various Christmas Parties. So weather it’s an arranged office, factory or private Party we guarantee we will have the music to get you swinging into the mood. However what makes a great party as we all have different musical tastes, at Doncaster Disco Hire we think that this is our best top 10 of Christmas tunes…what do You think.

10. Chris Rea …. Driving Home For Christmas
9. Slade… Merry Xmas Everybody
8. Eartha Kitt… Santa Baby
7. Bruce Springsteen…Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.
6. Wizzard… I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
5. Band Aid… Do They know it’s Christmas
4. Wham… Last Christmas
3. Bingo Crosby… White Christmas
2. Pogues… Fairytail Of New York
1. Mariah Carey… All I Want For Christmas Is You

Disco Prices

Filed under: Birthday,Kids Presentation Night,music,opinion,special occasions,Wedding — James @ 7:56 pm on the December 5, 2013

Here at Doncaster Disco Hire we understand that when it comes to hiring a local DJ for a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas party there can be a massive difference in price they will have to pay out. These prices can vary from £75 to a massive £400 for a 4 hour set, these prices differ as some DJ’s are just starting out on their musical adventure while others use their experience and expertise to make it a party to remember. However we at Doncaster Disco Hire know that the cheapest option may not be the best and in this day and age no one wants to ‘pay over the odds’. That is why we guarantee to have the best DJ’s in your area at the best price.
The DJ’s at Doncaster Disco Hire have over 30 years experience and will ensure that every party they host will be done professionally with the appropriate music for your special occasion. So whether it’s for your Wedding to your child’s Christening we will guarantee that you will have the best disco at the best price – Guaranteed.
So weather you are hosting a Christmas Party, New Years get together or Birthday party give Mark, Colin or James a call to arrange the best disco off year.

Getting It Right First Time

Filed under: music,special occasions,Wedding — Tags: , , , — James @ 3:02 pm on the June 8, 2012

So lets start from the beginning – what makes a great party: is it the venue, your guests or your food, well here at Doncaster Disco Hire we believe that it’s a combination of all coupled with the entertainment which makes your occasion extra special. We understand that when people organise their special occasion they often spend hours upon hours looking for suitable venues before fighting over guest lists, colour schemes and who is doing food – heck couples even argue who will be baking the birthday or wedding cake – then, as a kind of afterthought they suddenly remember that someone has to entertain them.

It’s round about this time of year we get phone calls and emails from anxious people trying to sort the music out for their special occasion which is due to take place in a few weeks. One of the questions we ask is, why did you leave it till the last minute to book the entertainment? “we forgot and didn’t think it would be that hard to book a DJ”, is often the response given. However, we know that choosing the correct entertainment package can be a perplexing process, and what’s more there are countless options that have to be thought about. Lighting, lasers even the smoke machine has to be taken into consideration, our DJ’s have to be aware of any guests that suffer from photosensitive epilepsy and asthma as certain lights and smoke have the potential to ruin their night.

We also believe in giving you the correct entertainment package that matches the theme of your event, after all you don’t want the DJ to be playing Heavy Rock music at your child’s Christening or Granddad’s 80th birthday bash, so to us it’s important that if you have any special requests you discuss these with us prior to your special night. So whether it’s a 3 year old party with suitable games and music to you well organised wedding with first dance we at Doncaster Disco Hire cater for all because each disco can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

As the regular clients understand we at Doncaster Disco Hire regularly play a perfect mix of music for their special occasions and if your guests are tapping their feet as they are talking to their partners or ‘strutting’ their stuff on the dance floor then we know we are doing a good job.

This year get it right first time and contact Doncaster Disco Hire.

Making the Right Choice

Filed under: opinion — James @ 2:39 pm on the February 25, 2011

Here at Doncaster Disco Hire we constantly hear about weddings, birthdays and special occasions that have went drastically wrong due to the choice of music being played at their celebration. Making the right choice of entertainment has the ability to turn your special occasion in to something really fantastic. We at Doncaster Disco Hire pride ourselves in playing the right kind of music whether it’s for your first dance at your wedding or your five year old first birthday party – we believe that the right choice of music is very important.

Other factors that make your night seem special is the ability to interact with the people at your party. Our DJ’s love to get the crowd going whether it’s by wearing silly wigs and glasses or doing the congawith your kids we are sure you will be happy with your choice.

Weddings, recently there has been an explosion in the number of people that have decided to ‘tie the knot‘, for some this means a massive headache as they organise, arrange and book everything for their big day. However for some lucky couples they will be heading off to sunnier shores in order to tie the knot, then having a small reception when they return. When it comes to booking your wedding nothing should be left to chance that’s why we at Doncaster Disco Hire treat each wedding separately and individually. For that something special Doncaster Disco Hire will be pleased to quote you for the use of their large screen projector which will not only show the happy couple saying “I Do” on the beach, but every photo from the day they met to the evening reception.

Kids Parties, in today’s society image is everything or so they say and this can start at an early age. As kids start to grow up many parents will worry over what to get their children for their birthdays, so one of the best presents has to be an organised birthday bash. Here at Doncaster Disco Hire we specialise in kids parties, whether it’s a 3 year old or a 13 your old we will keep them entertained for a couple of hours with games party and chart music as well as a bit of karaoke (optional at extra cost). Our CRB checked DJ will ensure that everyone is included in all the games and this often includes a bit of parent participation, again ensuring that no one is left out.

Birthday Bash, every year we get older, we know this sounds silly – but it’s true, and some people like to celebrate this fact by throwing a party for all their family and friends. Doncaster Disco Hire enjoy helping people celebrate this special occasion. Whether it’s an 18th, 21st or 70th birthday bash we carry all types of music to make your big day special.

Making the right choice of entertainment is one of the most important factors ensuring your guests leave remembering what a great night they had.

Wedding Parties

Filed under: Wedding — Tags: — James @ 10:14 am on the January 31, 2011

Even though January and February are cold, wet and windy months there are some people that are busy organising for the brightest day of their life’s their – wedding. The venue has to be just right, the guest list has to be sorted and then sorted again, the food has to be just right and then the cake has to be ordered in plenty of time to be ready for the big day. There is so much to be organised for a wedding that’s it no surprise that some people actually forget to book the most important part of the night, the entertainment.

Here at Doncaster Disco Hire we actually receive phone calls from distraught men and women looking for a disco for their wedding which is in one or two weeks. “We forgot about it, we had so much on, we didn’t think it would be that hard to get a good DJ” that is what we hear. When people are planning their wedding the entertainment has to be among the priorities of ‘things to do‘. After all if you have a bad wedding cake people will not remember it however if your night time entertainment is rubbish then your wedding will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Doncaster Disco Hire have years of experience in entertaining people at weddings from having the wedding party up singing to them doing the conga through the hotel. Each of our disco units carry a vast array of music which are guaranteed to keep even the fussiest of grannies on the dance floor.

We understand that kids are now a big part of any wedding at with a special request we will entertain the kids while the adults have their food, drink and good old catch up. If you are getting married this year think about the entertainment, it is just as important as the food or the venue.

New Shop

Filed under: music,special occasions — Tags: , — James @ 8:09 pm on the November 9, 2010

Anyone that happened to be passing or shopping at York Road Doncaster on Saturday would have found it hard not to notice all the orange and black balloons that were strategically placed along the railings at the entrance to The Range business park. You would also have noticed the brightly coloured bunting, flags and loud music that was coming from the far side of the car park. All this celebration was there for the grand opening of Doncaster’s newest shop Floors-2-Go.

Doncaster Disco Hire was honoured to be asked to assist the directors, distinguished guests, managers and staff in helping with the music for this prestigious event. The day was a great success with shoppers being offered great deals on flooring and even a chance to win an extra £50 in vouchers if you happen to beat one of the TRAX FM staff at arm wrestling.

Here at Doncaster Disco Hire we pride ourselves in the professionalism that our DJs have when it comes to all types of special occasions and we wish Craig and all his staff all the very best for the future.

Themed Parties

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Over the last few weeks Doncaster Disco Hire have had the privilege of entertaining a number of people whether it’s through their wedding day, special occasion or playing kids games with them at their birthday bashes. We all love the feeling of dancing away to our favourite music, it’s like having your very own therapist without the inflated costs. Here at Doncaster Disco Hire we pride ourselves in keeping ourselves at the forefront of modern music, that includes known what to play and when this all seems to come naturally to our experienced DJs.

Last week saw All Hallows’Eve or as it’s better know Halloween, a time where we can all get dressed up and really let our hair down. Lot’s of people decide each year that they will be having a themed party and this week was the turn of the Kings Head public house in Hemsworth, Wakefield. This was a great night, enjoyed by not only the DJs, the lovely landlady Wendy but everyone who happened to enter the pub.

As Halloween passes most people tend to dis-guard their costumes or place into a box then store them in the attic, forgetting about them for another year. As the winter weather starts to take hold people tend to suffer from conditions such as SAD and winter depression, one of the best ways to livening up peoples life’s is to have a themed party.
Just imaging your guests surprise when they are told they are going to a beach or hawaiian beach party in December.

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